Tokyo Game Show 2016 booth

Artcraft attended Tokyo Game Show 2016, this would be the 2nd time we joined the event. Difference was this time we got a booth. Thanks for the help from our Tokyo Staff setting things up, making a huge impression in the show.

“Now You See Me”

Artcraft Studio Tokyo production studio is now functional. We finally set our foot on the world second largest game development country

Company Anniversary

Today marks the 1st year anniversary of Artcraft. We are so proud yet touched to see the growth of our company and members in such a short amount of time. Now we are a family of 20 professionals, and have completed 40+ projects. We want to express our most sincere gratitude to all the supporters during this year.

"Art Craft Annual Celebration"

After another busy but exciting year. Company took all crew members out for another luxurious trip at Chongli International Skiing Resort. Since most of the members come from the southern part of China, this was the very first time they got a feel of winter scenes.

Artcraft made its steps to US!

Another milestone for the company, San Frqancisco biz-office is now operational. Big welcome for our American staff.

Autumn Trip

First autumn-trip for Artcraft! We travelled all the way to Xianju- a tourist spot in ZheJiang province, deserting oursevles from the noise of metropolis. We set off at nightfall spent 3 days enjoying the nature and visiting ancient temples , allowed us as artists to appreicatethe original design and the beauty of the world once again.

“I am MT” 5th update

Famous Chinese game “ I am MT” had its 5th update. Artcraft helped to create all of the character and environment designs. Quickly join the others again, meet new alliance and dispel evil forces from the underworld.

“Hero Academy” releases today

Hero Academy launches online today, Artcraft has done all its character designs. Heroes Academy embraces an innovative combat system along with hundreds of dazzling skills and jaw-dropping Ultis ready to be explored.

Cosplay JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

Cosplay in the Comicon as characters from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. As a creative group we are in deep connection with Japanese Anime culture. Staff from the studio dressed-up in the early morning and arrived the exhibition in the afternoon, people were relentless, trying to take photos with our "stars".

We Made It

Hello world! We are Artcraft, born wtih skills and live with passion!We proudly announce that Artcraft Shanghai Studio officially opens as if today. Our art service covers 2D concepts, illustration and 3D, and we accept works from developers from all game platforms.Hope to hear from you soon!